Health MOT

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Prevention is better than cure

Regular health check-ups could help to make you aware of your current health status. Dr. Ozturk can discuss and advice on how to improve your well-being and reduce risk of developing health problems

What is included?

Basic health check ups include:

1) Blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level checks

2) Cardiovascular examination

3) Peak expiratory flow rate check (breathing test)

4) Estimation of cardiovascular risk 

5) Blood glucose check 

6) Calculation of risk of developing diabetes 

7) Weight and height check with BMI calculation

8) Nutrition and exercise review 

9) Arranging blood tests including full blood count, kidney and liver functions, cholesterol levels.

10) Urine dipstick check for kidneys 

10) Other examinations and blood tests based on individual circumstances including various hormone levels, vitamins and others

What then?

Dr. Ozturk will discuss the findings with you and advice on any actions need to be taken in order to reduce your future risk of developing cardiovascular illness, diabetes and other risk factors.

How much does it cost?

£195 for one to one 30 minutes health check up with Dr. Ozturk + blood tests mentioned above

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